Sips of high-grade tranquillity



The preparation of tea in the Taiwanese style, though influenced by the Japanese tea ceremony, places emphasis on the final product and hospitality rather than on ritual. From their tasting room at You Cha, co-founders Lee, the purchase officer and Chinese representative, and Makiko Fujii, a graduate of the Anhui Agricultural University in Shanghai, one of the premier tea academies, explain how to make the perfect brew.

“The best pots for oolong tea are made by hand,” says Lee. “The clay is porous and of low density to trap the heat and flavor.” Smaller than an orange, the unglazed pots feel like organic, living things. “When you have owned a pot for a long time,” Lee says, “it almost feels like a pet.”

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Taiwanese Tea: Sips of high-grade tranquillity

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