Concert Preview: The Music


Critical acclaim can be a fickle creature, with up-and-coming bands often drowning in their own hype. Whether because of fate, arrogance or the nature of the music industry itself, countless artists have been swatted off their pedestals by the very same writers and fans that helped place them there.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent than in the U.K., but that doesn’t seem to faze cocksure, psychedelic rockers The Music. In what seems like a matter of months, this foursome from Leeds went from teenage nobodies to the saviors of British rock. What’s more remarkable is that it is their live performances — rather than a flashy marketing campaign or glossy cover shots for The Face — that has put them on the critics’ and public’s Top 10 lists.

Read the full concert preview at The Japan Times Online.

Concert Preview: The Music | The Japan Times Online

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