Live Music Preview: Money Mark


More accustomed to playing in basements than at center-stage, it took time for Mark (real name Mark Ramos-Nishita) to adjust to the spotlight. He once called live shows “a tug-of-war without a rope,” but after five years on the road, Mark has developed his theatrical skills.

There is a little bit of Andy Kaufman in his stage act. He has banged cymbals while teetering precariously on the edge of a stepladder and challenged “hecklers” to come onstage and play better — which they have done. The hijinks spill over into the instrumentation, as well. There are kazoos and trumpet-playing balloons. Is he playing a joke on the audience? (And if so, do they get it?) It’s hard to tell. Either way, Mark is tugging the invisible rope to his advantage.

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Live Music Preview: Money Mark

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