Monoland: ‘Cooning’


Although comparable to the work of bands like Lush and Sonic Youth, the swirling guitar loops within “Cooning” are most reminiscent of ambient-noise avatars My Bloody Valentine. There is a shared love of droning, wavering notes that last for minutes. Moreover, they both produce some jangly guitar-pop, and then bury it beneath layers of distortion.

Where they differ is in their use of electronic gadgetry. While MBV used synth somewhat sparingly, Monoland often float their sonic anomalies on top of abstract trip-hop sampling. Although it is heavily manipulated by samplers and sequencers, the clangor is transformed into something as natural-sounding as a rainstorm or ocean swells.

Read the full review at The Japan Times Online.

Monoland: 'Cooning' | The Japan Times Online

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