Treasure Isle: ‘Ska All Mighty’


“Ska All Mighty” is a collection from Reid’s Treasure Isle label. Accessible to both fans and fanatics of Jamaican music, it retains the scratchy-record sound of the old mobile system. Since ska emphasizes the soloist more than reggae or rock-steady, you get to hear some short and sweet improvisational nuggets from the likes of saxophonist Rolando Alphonso and trombonist Don Drummond (two ska legends who took the Wailers and a very young Bob what’s-his-name under their wings in the early years).

Tracks like The Skatalites’ “Sailing Along” come across like the jump-blues they originated from, while The Dominoes’ drummer bashes his kit on “Corner Stone” in such a way you can’t help hopping up and down (make sure to draw your bedroom curtains).

Read the full review at The Japan Times Online.

Treasure Isle: 'Ska All Mighty' | The Japan Times Online

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