Concert Preview: Doves


During the late-’80s halcyon days of rave, Jimi Goodwin and twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams congregated with other high priests of acid-house at Manchester’s Hacienda, then the mecca of club culture. But as their group, Sub Sub, evolved from beat worship into melody-driven guitar pop, they began losing their faith. By 1995, the signs were ripe for a conversion. The biggest omen came in the form of an electrical fire in their studio, which consumed all of their equipment and master recordings.

Out of the ashes, however, came Doves, their new name as a new band. With the slate scorched clean, the three began exploring new ideas in 1998, including epic space-rock with strong melodies and stratospheric chord progressions in the vein of Britrock behemoths Oasis and The Verve. But Doves deliver their crystalline sound with a sneerless sincerity that Richard Ashcroft and the Gallagher brothers seem incapable of. Comparisons to Radiohead’s lachrymose production fall flat as well. Sequencers and sampling flutter through the corners of Doves’ work, but their gloom-free effects and soaring optimism search for silver linings in the murkiest Mancunian skies.

Read the entire preview at The Japan Times Online.

Doves | The Japan Times Online

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