“el Christmas: The World in Winter”


Before British label el records went belly up, they were considered one of the hippest dispensers of candy-coated twee-pop and lounge music from the ’70s and ’80s. A holiday compilation album pulled from el’s catalog of aural confectionary makes perfect sense as so much of the holiday season nowadays revolves around sweets and booze. Shibuya-kei stars Cornelius and Kahimi Karie once eagerly lapped up el’s syrupy libations; isn’t it time you had a serving yourself? At least you won’t get a bellyache from these Yuletide novelties.

Each treat on “el Christmas: The World in Winter,” released on Cherry Red Records, comes wrapped in different packaging, but retro Brit-pop — like that contributed by Valerie Masters, Tomorrows World, and the Arcadians — flavors most of the batch. The hooch flows, however, once we reach Mr. Martini’s “Christmas in Capri,” where he raises his glass to the moon and declares: “The only ice is in my daiquiri.”

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"el Christmas: The World in Winter" | The Japan Times Online

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