Concert Preview: Q & not U


Few words in the English language contain the letter q without the letter u (Iraq and Qi Gong being two exceptions). And in Washington D.C.’s thriving underground scene, very few bands lack some resemblance to hometown heroes Fugazi or any other post-hardcore project from the mind of Ian MacKaye.

At first glance, art-punk trio, Q and Not U, seem no different. They’re signed to MacKaye’s Discord label, home of herky-jerky polito-punk. D.C.’s favorite son also sits in the production booth on QANU’s 2000 debut, “No Kill No Beep Beep,” so the similarities come as no surprise. The sonic squalls and good cop/bad cop vocals have the same blistering immediacy of the early Fugazi formula. The resemblance crumbles, however, with drummer John Davis’s kit-bashing. His taut, jazzy, polyrhythmic big beats change tempo and temperament with superhuman precision. The hoots, hollers and hand-claps that accompany him help grease the crowd’s wheels, pushing power-punk to the dance floor for a drunken pirouette.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Q & Not U | The Japan Times Online

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