Interview: Asylum Street Spankers

Prepare to be spanked hard


The Spankers use pre-World War II music styles to deliver new-millennium entertainment, and in the process they’ve earned a fan base with no generation gap. “I love that we get both kinds of blue hair at our shows,” he says with a chuckle. “Everywhere we go there’ll be some kid with a Mohawk and black fingernail polish who’s brought his grandparents.”

Spanker gigs are wild and sweaty affairs, which boil over with off-color humor, sing-alongs and plenty of booze. But this is no free-for-all. Every Spanker — the name refers not to kinky S&M but to skillful string-picking — has obvious talent and showmanship. Marrs, for example, may be belting out gutbucket blues one minute, but quicker than you can say Betty Boop, she has squeezed her powerhouse voice into a sqeaky chirp.

Read the full interview at The Japan Times Online.

Prepare to be spanked hard | The Japan Times Online

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