Live Music Preview: The Mooney Suzuki


Whether rock is dead, dying or thriving depends on who you talk to, but ask any of today’s so-called garage revivalists and you’re sure to get some strong opinions. New York quartet The Mooney Suzuki would undoubtedly expound for hours on the subject, but their amps will do the talking when they arrive in Japan next month. Unlike their blues-centered siblings, The White Stripes, TMS sling around keyboard soul and late ’60s power chords like a pair of 50-pound hammers. Defining themselves more as performers than musicians, their onstage speaker-vaulting tags them as disciples of The Who and MC5, but TMS sing more about love and heartbreak than the rebellion and grizzled partying of their idols. If their interviews and stern-faced, leather-clad poses are any indication, TMS take themselves far too seriously, but their incendiary live shows make it easy to forgive their self-righteous zeal.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Live Preview: "The Mooney Suzuki" | The Japan Times Online

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