Live Music Preview: Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Oh, the joy of being the “it” band: rave reviews, celebrity fans, and every Spin, Rolling Stone and NME employee breaking their neck to hold the door for you. Then the next big thing comes along, and your admirers disappear faster than Cristal at a Gaultier after-party.

The hype-a-thon for New York’s art-punk trio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, began in 2001 when London’s notoriously faddish music press got all hot and bothered by the band’s early EPs. Two years and one LP later, Y3 seem to have beaten the “it” band curse by wowing crowds with ferocious, pheromone-charged live gigs.

Their mix of sweaty nihilism and pouty sexual tension sends audiences into a frothing frenzy, with guitarist Nicolas Zinner lobbing sleaze-rock riffs and sonic splatter over the crowd like molten lava.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Live | The Japan Times Online

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