Live Music Preview: Bob Log III


With his head concealed by a motorcycle helmet hooked to a telephone receiver and his gut squeezed into a low-cut, blue spandex jumpsuit, Log looks more like Evel Knievel in a Dadaist porn flick than a one-man band belting out the Delta Blues. His feet and fingers, however, paint a very different picture. Log’s bottom half pounds out the rhythm on a bass drum, high-hat and jerry-rigged snare. All the while, his upper extremities shred the fret board with some of the fastest slide guitar blues this side of the Mississippi River, his frenzied licks flirting with both bluegrass and speed metal — often simultaneously. Add some drum machine-driven disco and a few Latin rhythms and you’ve got yourself one hell of a party.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Bob Log III — The Japan Times Online

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