Live Music Preview: Organic Groove


Manning the PA system will be Britain’s Chris Clark, whose gothic, melodic glitch-inflected techno burrows deep into the brain, thanks to his percussive pallet of sampled slaps, claps and finger snaps. His work on the Warp label has, at times, been a heady affair, but live sets tend to resonate more in the hips than the cerebral cortex.

Headlining will be Seattle-based jazz three-piece, Ponga, who have more in common with Miles Davis fusion (think “Bitches Brew”) than they do with today’s laptop-toters. A network of loops and samples gives their bullish improvisation a center, but when it’s all said and done the china shop may lie in ruins.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Organic Groove | The Japan Times Online

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