With Kids: Tokyo Drum Museum

In the early 2000’s, I wrote a series of pieces about fun things to do and see in Tokyo with children. I had nearly forgotten about them until a woman wrote to thank me for the information in 2012. She was coming to Japan with her kids, she said, and according to her, there was precious little information about what to do with kids in Tokyo. Apparently “Go to Disneyland” isn’t enough. I hope to remedy this.


Most of the collection appears to be items used for religious or spiritual reasons, such as the great number of bells, gongs and large Taiko-style drums from different regions (and eras) of Asia.

Now here’s the best part: most of these instruments are waiting to be played: look for color-coded stickers to indicate which can and cannot be touched. There are plenty of opportunities to test out the goods here, and kids will love it, but be warned: sleeping children won’t stay asleep for long. The room can go from nursery-quiet to street-party-loud in a matter of seconds, and the effect can be startling.

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