Interview: Diplo


The music matches its environment: aggressive, reckless, crass and, at times, highly eroticized. At first listen, many find the off-key chants and breakneck beats overwhelming, even repulsive, like the first stinging sip of local hooch. After a few more slugs, however, your head feels light and your posterior begins to twitch on its own accord. It’s not long before all inhibitions are lost and you’re grinding the nearest warm body with your hands in the air.

Read the full interview at The Japan Times Online.

Diplo throws funky DIY marketing into the mix | The Japan Times Online

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In 1997, Jason left his home near Atlanta for a year abroad. He liked it so much that he never went back. After three years in Taiwan and 13 years in Japan, he and his wife quit their desk jobs in Tokyo, pulled their kids out of local schools and traveled as a family for six years, living in Malaysia, Spain, and Mexico along the way. They returned to Japan — Osaka this time — in the summer of 2019. Jason loves Google Maps, carry-on luggage, and most dishes registering on the Scoville scale.
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