Interview: Los Lobos


Has the anniversary received a lot of attention?

We’ve consciously underplayed it. If we harp on it too much, then we’re telling the world we’ve been around too long (laughs). But how many bands create challenging music for 30 years? Most just play their hits for the millionth time . . .

Exactly. The 30-year mark is usually the time to drop a box set and set up farewell tours.

We’re not planning to stop, or even slow down, and I guess that’s the fine line: trying not to sound like you’re on the down slope of things.

Los Lobos has evolved through so many musical styles. Were these transformations planned?

It just kind of took shape in the moment. But we did more planning for the new record because of the logistics. When you’ve got Rueben Blades and Elvis Costello coming to your house, you’ve got to be on it (laughs).

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Howl of Los Lobos stronger than ever | The Japan Times Online

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