Live Music preview: Think of One


Music and travel may be hobbies for most folks, but Belgian world-rock fusionists, Think of One, consider the two more than mere avocation. More mobile, multilingual and gregarious than a carnival sideshow, To1 have turned globetrotting into a full-time gig. Their journeys in Morroco resulted in three albums with masters of the oud and local Moroccan musicgnawa. Their extensive travel throughout Europe and Russia as a brass band had them living out of a truck (which doubled as a mobile stage) while absorbing the playing styles of the gypsy camps they frequented. They’ve jammed with Jamaican and Congolese MCs, and separate projects, one involving drum ‘n’ bass and one with the Inuit tribes of Northern Canada, are in the works. If Lonely Planet ever opens a club, this should be the house band.

Read the full review at The Japan Times Online.

Think of One | The Japan Times Online

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