Shake it, baby, shake it


It’s not just about mosh pits and busted lips: Both Summer Sonic and Fuji Rock have plenty of rump-bouncing beats on offer. In fact, the dance-oriented acts in this year’s lineups are as diverse as ever. Here are a few of the best places to shake your thang.

Basement Jaxx: If your lower extremities didn’t gyrate instinctively to last year’s album, “Kish Kash,” make an appointment with a cognitive therapist. Today.

Ozomatli: L.A.’s frenetic Latin-fusion outfit should hold seminars on how to move a crowd. With beats and blasts coming from every direction, their groove of merengue, salsa, funk and hip-hop should produce one of Fuji’s sweatiest sets.

Kasabian, The Faint and Boom Boom Satellites: The dark wave engulfing the Sonic Stage starts with the synth-driven art-rock of Kasabian and the Faint and leads to the spiraling industrial bombast of Japan’s Boom Boom Satellites. Look for flailing limbs and lots of eyeliner.

Jurassic 5: Nas and N.E.R.D. have all the power and polish of last year’s Lakers, but Jurassic 5 are more like the Globetrotters. All five MC’s can carry the stadium on their shoulders, but it’s that unified vibe that will have you dancing with strangers.

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Shake it, baby, shake it | The Japan Times Online

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