Shinagawa Aquarium

In the early 2000′s, I wrote a series of pieces about fun things to do and see in Tokyo with children. I had nearly forgotten about them until a woman wrote to thank me for the information in 2012. She was coming to Japan with her kids, she said, and according to her, there was precious little information about what to do with kids in Tokyo. Apparently “Go to Disneyland” isn’t enough. I’d really like to write more on this.


They’re wet. They’re slippery. And frequently, they’re delicious. Yes, fish, squid and other treasures of the sea are vital to life in Japan, but there’s more to their story than what comes on your plate. A good place to learn more and see flippers in action is the Shinagawa Aquarium, where sharks, jellyfish, penguins and other ocean dwellers are all on prominent display.

Dozens of gargantuan tanks re-create many of the world’s water environments: from the Amazon River to Tokyo Bay. The largest and most impressive of these tanks weighs in at 500 tons, with a 22-meter glass tunnel along the bottom. Here manta rays and sea turtles swoop bewilderingly close overhead.

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