Art Review: “Bob Richardson” and “Terry Richardson”


It’s been more than a decade since son usurped father in fame and influence, the raw porno-chic style he crafted now a fashion industry standard. But don’t expect Terry Richardson’s erotic work at his show LaForet Museum Harajuku ( There’s certainly plenty of skin, to be sure, but it’s mostly of actor/daredevil Johnny Knoxville and the professional boneheads of MTV reality show Jackass. Richardson documents them in sickeningly vivid colors as they suck down cheap booze, wag their dicks, take hits of nitrous oxide and puke from the overload.

Terry is right there with them, naked and mugging for his own camera, his penis stuffed in a sock. While I’m a big fan of exhibition cosponsor VICE magazine, the younger Richardson’s work, “Terry Richardson X Jackass” gave me a new understanding of the phrase “wasted talent.”

Read the full review at The Japan Times Online.

"Bob Richardson" and "Terry Richardson" | The Japan Times Online

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