Dance Preview: ‘Grupo Corpo: Onqoto & Parabelo’


The name of Brazil’s most renowned contemporary dance troupe, Grupo Corpo (Body Group), is a play on the Portuguese word for: the physical body, a body of work, a corps de ballet and even a corporation — all apt descriptions for a dance company that looks to the human form for inspiration and cultural identity.


The group’s lithe floor work contains the raw, shamanistic tribalism of indigenous ceremonies with all the sleek sophistication of classical ballet. Yet discipline and precision do not overshadow the sultry spirit of tropical expression, as the younger Pederneiras employs a more passionate palette, with, as member, Ana Paula Cancado puts it, “a lot more movement of our heads and our hips.” Sharp vaults lead to a swaggering gait and back, leaving audiences agape at the dichotomy.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.
'Grupo Corpo: Onqoto & Parabelo' | The Japan Times Online

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