‘Ichiro Endo: Ultra Art Exhibition’


Painter and performance artist Ichiro Endo has no use for subtlety: he paints with his fists; he hurls himself at walls; he screams “Go for the future!” without a trace of irony. Such wide-eyed enthusiasm may indicate naivete, but Endo’s lack of nuance gives his work a childlike charm.

At the opening two weeks ago, Kiyosumi-Shirakawa’s Zenshi Gallery (www.zenshi.com) became his temporary studio. He cranked a boom-box and broke open cans of house paint, slowly transforming the small white room into a collage of splatter and self-styled slogans. Punk music screeched out tinny speakers as Endo dipped his hands in buckets of black paint. “Ikitanda oretachiwa!” (“We are living right now!”) he wailed, punching a canvas. Then he splashed the phrase across the wall with a roller, stopping occasionally to grin at the audience or throw himself against the canvas, bouncing off covered in more paint.

Read the full review at The Japan Times Online.

'Ichiro Endo: Ultra Art Exhibition' | The Japan Times Online

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