Interview: The Go! Team


For people who grew up during Reagan/Thatcher years, the album’s retro-sounding samples may also dislodge memories of “School House Rock,” nascent hip-hop and just about every Uzi-emptying action series from ’80s prime-time TV. The nostalgia hits you indirectly: Northern Soul trumpet lines echo “The A-Team” theme song, Bollywood strings masquerade as Moog chords and schoolyard chants strut like an early Salt-n-Pepa demo. All of this commotion is propelled by the clang of lo-fi guitar and drums being pummeled to splinters.

TG!T are certainly not the first to create a coherent musical language with such a large vocabulary; artists like The Avalanches and Beck have successfully cross-pollinated for years. What’s exceptional about “Thunder, Lightning Strike” is how every kitchen-sink track comes off chaotic, yet comforting, even strangely familiar, like garbled radio frequencies picked up by an orbiting astronaut.

Read the full interview at The Japan Times Online.

The lights, guitars, action of Go! Team | The Japan Times Online

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