Live Music Preview: Death From Above 1979


An elephant in your living room. Ask rhythm and metal duo Death From Above 1979 to describe their music, and that’s a common response. Indeed, the massive sound of their debut LP, “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” is sure to scrape the walls and shatter furniture — that is, if you can fit it through the door.

Using only a drum kit, bass guitar and occasional synthesizer, the metal this Toronto two-piece make is mammoth on the dance floor. Drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger’s tortured wail could make Ozzy Osborne reach for a cough drop, but his drumming style pummels the head-banging reflex straight into the hips. Sharing this dichotomy is bassist Jesse Keeler, who saws off meaty hooks reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age — or even a sped-up Black Sabbath — and aligns them with Grainger’s persistent high-hat for a club-track intensity.

Read the full preview at The Japan Times Online.

Death From Above 1979 | The Japan Times Online

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