“Wako Works of Art: 15 Years/Part III”


Christopher Williams’ glossy prints of a polished Velosolex, the French motor-driven bicycle, seem plucked from a brochure, their commentary on obsolescence obscured by their sheen. Two prominent color prints from Turner-Prize-winning Wolfgang Tillmans suggests instead the gritty and unfinished: Empty gilded picture frames lean on power breakers, and windows of a locked, dilapidated building reflect a road sign saying “Give Way.” While the two men use photography to relay hidden truths, Fiona Tan seeks the profound in ordinary snapshots. For “Vox Populi, Tokyo,” Tan collected photo albums from 90 Japanese families, scanning pictures that resonated with her even when the cultural context of, say, a suika-wari (children splitting a watermelon in the summer) was lost.

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"Wako Works of Art: 15 Years:Part III" | The Japan Times Online

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