Down By the River

Monzen-Nakacho offers vibrant attractions—and a slower pace—just across the Sumidagawa


The Monzen-Nakacho neighborhood—“Mon Naka” to locals—seems perpetually locked between different worlds: between glitzy Ginza boutiques and the humble suburban sprawl of Chiba prefecture; between rustic postwar tenements and the gleam of Odaiba’s futuristic architecture. Frequently a stopover point to nearby destinations such as Ryogoku’s Edo-Tokyo Museum or Kiba’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the area actually satisfies as a destination in itself. It’s only ten minutes from Tokyo station and the Marunouchi and Nihombashi business districts, but this cozy little nook of the metropolis gives the best of what shitamachi has to offer: broad sidewalks, tree-lined waterways and a lazy, old-Tokyo ambiance.

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