A Family Guide to Tokyo Hanami Spots

The cherry blossom season is the best time of year in Japan. If you plan to picnic under the blossoms, here are a few places to visit, and one you might want to avoid.


“Yoyogi Park: This is one of my all-time favorite hanami settings, but to say that it’s “kid-friendly” is a stretch. Sure, there are beautiful trees and there’s a unique celebratory vibe, but you’ll also find smashed bottles, belligerent crows and hordes of drunken college kids. Yet despite all this, there is something about this park — possibly the youthful energy I feel here — that keeps me coming back every season. People really go all-out here: Costumes are donned, banquets are prepared and karaoke is belted out with exceptional fervor. People are friendly and welcoming of children, but frequently so inebriated that they don’t notice their lit cigarette inches from your toddler’s face, so beware. “

Read the entire piece at the Japan Times

Family hanami in Tokyo with kids The Japan Times

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