Family flashbacks to a psychedelic day with Kitty

If spending an entire afternoon with Hello Kitty sounds like hell on earth, I can relate. I thought so too, until I nearly overdosed on it.


“So your child wants to see Hello Kitty “in-person,” but the character’s vapid, saccharine image makes you nauseous, right? Perhaps you just haven’t had a big enough dose. If you’re going to allow any of this treacle into your system, then I suggest you go all-out and head straight to the source: Sanrio Puroland, home of Hello Kitty and all other Sanrio characters. What comes across as tacky, soulless commercialism in small amounts transmogrifies here into an ornate, sugar-fueled spectacle of near-baroque proportions.”

Read the entire piece at the Japan Times

Family flashbacks Hello Kitty Tokyo with Kids   The Japan Times


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