Don’t fear the creeper: A lesson in overcoming fear

An account of our night hike in snake territory, and the lessons learned.


“Before we left that evening, both kids had been excited about the hike, but the further from civilization we rode, the stronger their (very understandable) fear began to rise. They are city kids, after all. They flinch at the site of a moth. But I knew that this was the right idea, and I was proven correct, but surprisingly, the biggest fear the kids had to overcome was not the snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlies we encountered. Instead, it was the isolation.”

Read the entire piece at An Epic Education

About Jason Andrew Jenkins

In 1997, Jason left his home near Atlanta for a year abroad. He liked it so much that he never went back. After three years in Taiwan and 13 years in Japan, he and his wife quit their desk jobs in Tokyo, pulled their kids out of local schools and traveled as a family for six years, living in Malaysia, Spain, and Mexico along the way. They returned to Japan — Osaka this time — in the summer of 2019. Jason loves Google Maps, carry-on luggage, and most dishes registering on the Scoville scale.
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